Launching a new website can be an intimidating task for a small local business focused on brick-and-mortar sales. It may be something entirely new for the current team at a midsize business running on a legacy website. For most small to midsize businesses the first thought that comes to mind with a new website is – how much does a new website cost? But that should not be the first question.

Setting a budget for your new website should be thought of as an investment. The more you invest in a quality team and strategy, the higher the likely return.

Before you search for a website quote, you’ll want to be able to answer some basic questions about the end goal for your new website, and who it should be designed for.

  • How do you want new customers or prospective clients to use the site?
  • How do you want to return customers to use the site?
  • How will your employees use the site?
  • How will your business partners use the site?
  • Will you be selling any items or services directly on the site?

At the time of this article’s websites built by a professional web design company, usually cost between $15,000 – $50,000 and higher-end customized website, and an average of $1500 – $5000 for a lower or medium-end design. At the end of the day, it simply depends on the questions above and your available budget.