When it comes to budgeting there are a few rules that apply wholesale to any agency partnership.

  1. More website customization equals more budget
  2. More website content equals more budget
  3. Fixed pricing generally is a better value, and lower risk, than agreeing to an hourly rate

And, finally, if you do have to firmly limit your budget it is highly advisable to focus on having your website doing fewer things at a high level, rather than doing more things at a mediocre level. This means focusing on achieving the most important goals of your website, and leaving out the ‘nice-to-haves until you have more demand and/or available budget.

Your website should be a visual and interactive window into your company that serves customers and clients. To that end focus on their needs, and limit vanity add-ons or high-end features you may find on the sites of your larger competitors.

A new website can make or break a business. Work within your budget and resource limitations, understand fully the design and development process, and partner with a trusted agency for a final product you can be proud to show off! Contact us today