Core Website Elements and Pages (UI/ UX Design + Development)
are the development of the most prominent and mission-critical pages on your website. In total this could be around 100-120 hours on a typical SMB sized project.

All pages progress in a sequential series of deliverable stages from wireframe to mockup to development site.

  • Site Header/ Footer (20-23 hours)
  • Homepage (25-30 hours)
  • Custom Page Builder – to create additional future pages as needed (5-10 hours)
  • About Page (18-25 hours)
  • Service Page (18-22 hours)
  • Contact Page (10-12 hours)

Other pages to consider that are not included under core pages:

  • Careers Index
  • Individual Job Listings
  • Case Study / Projects Index
  • Individual Case Study
  • Blog Index
  • Blog Posts
  • FAQ
  • Events
  • Gallery
  • Why Us
  • Process
  • Past and Current Clients
  • Landing Page(s)
  • Google Map Finder
  • Resource Repository
  • Thank You Page (for conversion tracking)

Add On Website Functionality
Expect to incur more development hours in the total project budget for add-on and customized functionality. Some examples of these functions and settings are:

  • Google maps integration
  • Pop-ups for lead generation or awareness
  • Gallery
  • Social media feed integration
  • Multilingual translation functionality
  • Logo carousels
  • Interactive timeline (company history, etc.)
  • Megamenu
  • Gated content
  • Resource repository
  • RSS feed (for blogs)
  • Internal site search
  • CRM integration
  • WCAG accessibility compliance
  • GDPR compliance