Adding eCommerce functionality to a website completely changes the scope of a building project. The commitment required can vary dramatically and depends heavily on which CMS platform is used, and the size of the product catalog.

A rough ballpark commitment is 75-100 total hours. This is in addition to the budget for core site pages (Home, About, Contact, etc.).

A typical eCommerce project includes:

  • General store setup
  • Payment methods setup
  • Shipping configuration
  • Taxes configuration
  • Order testing
  • Shop page
  • Product category page
  • Product post
  • Products compare
  • Up-sell on checkout
  • Connecting store to 3rd party software (Fulfillment centers, Quickbooks or other types of Accounting Software, CRM such as Salesforce, Email/Marketing Platform, Inventory Management, Referral Program). Interested in Ecommerce?