Website Design – Business Intermediate

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An excellent mix of style, creativity, and business and great usability built using a content management software


Building a comprehensive business financial website that encompasses services like insurance, marketing, and advertising requires a thoughtful structure to provide valuable information to your audience. Here are the must-have pages:

  1. Homepage:
    • Welcome message and brief overview of services.
    • Engaging visuals representing finance, insurance, marketing, and advertising
    • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons for key services
    • Latest news or updates
  2. About Us:
    • Company history and mission statement
    • Overview of the team, including key members
    • Values and commitment to clients
    • Testimonials or success stories
  3. Services:
    • Detailed information on financial services
    • Insurance offerings and coverage details
    • Marketing and advertising services with strategies and case studies
    • Clear CTAs for each service
  4. Industries Served:
    • Highlight specific industries you specialize in
    • Case studies or success stories relevant to each industry
  5. Blog/Insights:
    • Regularly updated blog with articles on finance, insurance, marketing, and advertising trends
    • Insightful content demonstrating expertise.
    • Categories for easy navigation
  6. Contact Us:
    • Contact form for inquiries
    • Phone number and email address
    • Physical office address with a map
    • Links to social media profiles
  7. Client Resources:
    • Tools, calculators, or resources related to finance
    • Downloadable guides or whitepapers
    • FAQs for common client queries
  8. Case Studies/Portfolio:
    • Showcase successful projects or client collaborations
    • Highlight challenges, solutions, and results
  9. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service:
    • Transparent policies to build trust with website visitors
    • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations
  10. Testimonials:
    • Customer reviews and feedback
    • Positive experiences with your financial, insurance, and marketing services
  11. FAQs:
    • Answer common questions about your services
    • Provide clarity on processes and procedures
  12. Careers:
    • Information about job opportunities
    • How to apply and what you’re looking for in potential team members.

Remember to optimize each page for search engines (SEO) and make your website user-friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide promotional offers?

Yes, we do. Our Existing clients benefit from promotional offers for as little as $50 a month on the standard management package. Submit a support ticket or email us at and you will be entered into the promotional...

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What is E-Commerce?

Adding eCommerce functionality to a website completely changes the scope of a building project. The commitment required can vary dramatically and depends heavily on which CMS platform is used, and the size of the product catalog. A rough ballpark...

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What if I need a redesign of my website?

Should your website update include a new component to your site or a complete make-over? For example, the redesign or construction of a new website with new content and images, one of our sales representatives or your project manager will...

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