Website Management – NGO Basic Plan


Website management refers to a set of practices and techniques. However, we also often talk about website management systems. These platforms provide businesses with the tools they need to effectively manage their website, deliver powerful customer experiences, and develop and distribute content. Due to the non-profit organizations’ charitable status, tax is exempted from the NGO plan.


Website management not only fine-tunes your site to ensure your website interactivity is working properly, but it also ensures your core software is updated and free from vulnerability.   It is the collection of processes used to ensure your website is professional, up-to-date, and functioning as intended. It encompasses general maintenance, security, and long-term development of the website, as well as organizing your content delivery and marketing strategy. Due to the non-profit organizations’ charitable status, tax is exempted from the NGO plan.


    • Core Software Update Performance Check
    • Security Check
    • Monthly Backups
    • Spam & Hacking Preventions
    • Standard Customer Support to staff and customers
    • Quarterly and/or Annual Periodic Website Care Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide promotional offers?

Yes, we do. Our Existing clients benefit from promotional offers for as little as $50 a month on the standard management package. Submit a support ticket or email us at and you will be entered into the promotional...

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What are the rules for budgeting?

When it comes to budgeting there are a few rules that apply wholesale to any agency partnership. More website customization equals more budget More website content equals more budget Fixed pricing generally is a better value, and lower risk,...

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What if I need a redesign of my website?

Should your website update include a new component to your site or a complete make-over? For example, the redesign or construction of a new website with new content and images, one of our sales representatives or your project manager will...

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Do you offer monthly instalment?

Yes, we offer monthly, bi-annual or annual recurring plans. You can specify this option at the point of signing for a package.

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How will I know what would work best for our company?

We provide A Free Consultation to all our Clients and we promise to assist you in making the right decision. You can either schedule an appointment for us to call you at a convenient time, email us at or use our submit a...

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Costs to Maintain Your Website

Agencies typically will include website maintenance & hosting package that starts after the website is built. Companies may name them differently (Maintenance or Management) but virtually they’re all the same. The focus is on software...

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Choosing the Right Agency

Whether building a new website internally, with a freelancer or through a web design agency, many professionals and companies underestimate the true amount of work that goes into a website project. Beyond the initial discovery process and...

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