Site Management & Maintenance

Site Management & Maintenance

If your website is built with a Content Management Software (CMS) - What you need to know

Having the best of websites is not optimal unless you also have the best of website maintenance. Unless your company or organization is large enough to have someone able to serve as a webmaster the only practical solution is to outsource website maintenance to professionals who can do what you need done quickly and expertly. SiteXcel can not only design and put your site online but can also provide the finest in website maintenance services all at affordable monthly payments.

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Most updates are completed within 2 business days and often within the day.
Larger update projects may take slightly longer but we do offer Guaranteed Service Levels – this means that we guarantee that the updates will be completed when we say they will.

Website Maintenance Plans include all the standard updates necessary to maintain a websiteExamples of services included in the website maintenance plans include but not limited to*:

  • Text or Data: Additions or Deletions
  • Pictures or Images: Additions, deletions, and basic retouching
  • Webpages: Additions or deletions using existing webpage design
  • Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move or delete an item in the navigation)
  • File Downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents
  • Videos: Insertion or deletion of pre-edited video
  • Internal or External Links: Additions or deletions
  • Color and Background Images: Changes/replacement
  • Flash, Slides or Animation: Text-only changes and basic photo replacement in Flash animation
  • Online Forms: Dynamic form layout and integration (limited to forms not requiring database integration, such as a Contact Us form)
  • All Standard Support: Help with e-mail set-up, etc.
  • *Design Upgrade or Redesign (Premium)
  • *Blog or Newsletters Management (Premium)
  • *Ongoing Core Software & Plugins Update (Premium)
  • *Site Optimization (Premium)
  • *Search Engine Optimization (Premium)
  • *Any Optional Add-Ons (Premium)

*Please note: this list is an example of the services included in the website maintenance plans but not exhaustive.

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We provide A Free Consultation to all our Clients and we promise to assist you in making the right decision. You can either schedule an appointment for us to call you at a convenient time, email us at or use our submit a support ticket.

SiteXcel offers a fixed hourly package plan and four standard cost-effective website maintenance package plans based on the level of support your site requires. Some of the differences between the website maintenance plans includes the number of website update batches, the number of support and consultation calls, turnaround time, and e-newsletter design support. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require additional support.

Unlike other web design, development, and internet marketing companies, SiteXcel Consult has a dedicated team of full-time designers and programmers devoted to website maintenance.

Using current coding techniques, our website maintenance team ensures your website software is always up to date, troubleshoot and resolve issues in real-time, engage in daily scanning and back-up of your website, strengthens your brand, optimize your site to improve performance and remain committed to your online success.

Yes, we offer monthly, bi-annual or annual recurring plans. You can specify this option at the point of signing for a package.

Should your website update include a new component to your site or a complete make-over? For example, the redesign or construction of a new website with new content and images, one of our sales representatives or your project manager will contact you to discuss.

Examples of new projects that are not covered under the website maintenance plans include*:

  • New site functionality: E-commerce,  Shopping carts,
  • Site redesigns: More than 50% of site requested to be reworked or changed
  • Interactive or animated features: Flash showcases, virtual tours, etc.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (this is a stand-alone service with Google)
  • Corporate Identity and logo creation or revisions
  • Video creation
  • Print or other marketing materials

In most cases, an upgrade will be recommended by our team if we think it will be most beneficial to your company success. This we will communicate to you in writing and provide all available options. Some updates we do for free if the client is on a monthly or any form of recurring payment. To determine if you can benefit from a free upgrade, contact or schedule an appointment.

We need to first confirm if your website is hosted on a “Content Management System CMS” software, an online store can only work on such website software. If Yes, then we can work with you to include an online or e-commerce store. There are many components to establishing an online store, we advise you contact us at or submit a support ticket to discuss all necessary parameters.

By offering special promotions, discount programs, and more, you keep your online business competitive. Short-term and long-term sales initiatives will require updates to your site. Routine website maintenance enables you to strengthen your sales with unique offers for your e-commerce store. Ongoing management is the one single component that will drive your sale.

Yes, we do. Our Existing clients benefit from promotional offers for as little as $50 a month on the standard management package. Submit a support ticket or email us at and you will be entered into the promotional package.

If you are clear with what your needs are, then you can proceed to “Sign Up For Website Management Packages“, click the package that best suits you and proceed to checkout.

If you require additional support or guidance do not hesitate to email us at or submit a support ticket.

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