Strategies to Consider For Your New Online Start-Up

Starting a new startup business during COVID-19 has its share of challenges. If you manage to identify a need and finance the launch of your company in this tumultuous time, a new set of challenges awaits: bringing in new customers. Shifting consumer behavior means that you’ll want to look closely at your online presence and digital marketing opportunities as you launch, allowing you to gain traction in the current market, but also positioning yourself for post-pandemic success.

Social Media Presence
A strong social media presence is an expectation for most brands, both B2B and B2C—though the most important platforms to focus on may differ. For B2C brands, a focus on visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram is important, whereas many B2B brands find more success on LinkedIn.

Some things to consider when it comes to your social media presence include:

Growing your organic followers: Depending on the social platform, you can grow your followers by interacting with other people or businesses on the platform (commenting on or liking posts), or by using hashtags to help get discovered by people within your industry. Increasing your follower base not only helps your posts reach more people, but it also helps increase brand trust when a potential new customer visits your social media profile.

Building on-brand content: You’ll want to consider your brand presence on social media in the same way you do your website. Ensure that any graphics you are using are on brand with fonts and colors, and that the messaging you are putting out is in your brand voice. Many people may visit your website rarely, but if they follow you on social, they’ll see your brand each time you post—so take it seriously.

Creating a paid strategy to generate followers and leads: While search engine marketing is great for products or services that people are actively looking for, if you have a niche offering, people may not even know to search for you yet, LaVana said. Social channels can be helpful here—if you understand your audience’s demographics, you can target them on social platforms, so they are served relevant messaging about your company.

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